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As with many organizations, the challenges of 2020 meant the Women’s Small Business Accelerator had to pivot and rethink our fundraising strategies moving from in-person to on-line events.  As we often do, we came up with the idea of hosting three events in one month to celebrate Women’s Small Business Month.  Bringing on Grace to assist us was both smart and needed.  Three events meant a lot of details and she managed them all with grace and consistency.  Our events and month of celebration were a success and Grace was a big part of making it happen.

Mary McCarthy, WSBA

Meet Grace Hunter, MPA

Founder and President, has an extensive background in project management, event planning and communications.


1. Greek origin paraklētos– called in aid. para- alongside + klētos– to call
2. an advocate or intercessor.

We manage projects from start to finish so you and your team can focus on your daily objectives.

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