Hybrid Events To Meet Your Needs

From the onset of COVID-19, so many organizations had to cancel or pivot their special events to a virtual format. In 2021, more and more organizations opened up to the possibility of hybrid events, giving their clients and customers a way to engage safely. From awards ceremonies to conferences and galas, hybrid events can take on so many different formats. But as different as they may look and feel, they will all lead to the same end result, and that is meeting the client’s needs.

Harvest Ball Gala

Paraclete Planning assisted Local Matters in bringing its Harvest Ball back to an in-person setting with a hybrid option. With the backdrop of the beautiful new home of The Crew, Lower.com Field, attendees were excited to be back in the company of others. At the same time, we were able to live stream the event program, offer a take-home food kit, and provide raffle ticket opportunities so people could still experience Harvest Ball from home. Our team assisted with food and beverage, floral and décor selection, raffle item solicitation, and floorplan design, as well as provided stage management during the event. The Local Matters team met their fundraising goal and was able to enjoy an amazing evening.

Democracy in Action Awards Ceremony

Paraclete Planning assisted the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus with a fully virtual, pre-recorded award ceremony, honoring a local affordable housing hero. Our team coordinated video shoots for all event speakers; assisted in video review, editing, and script writing; collected photos and footage of the honoree; and worked meticulously with an A/V company to pull together a finished product that was live streamed from a personalized web platform. The League was able to engage and interact via chat with their viewers during the live debut of the pre-recorded ceremony and were still able to raise funds in this fully virtual setting.

Youth Oratorical Contest

The City of Columbus Department of Neighborhoods recognizes central Ohio youth every year with its annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth Oratorical Contest. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, Paraclete Planning ensured that students, parents and supporters followed mask-wearing and social distancing protocols while attending in person at the Columbus Police Training Academy. Our team coordinated meals, talent, audio/visual support, digital program development, script writing, and stage management. The entire half-day event was recorded and live streamed on the Department’s Facebook Page, providing a way for people to watch real time or save to watch later.

Corporate Events For Community Impact

Columbus, Ohio has a very high infant mortality rate – which means babies are not living to see the age of 1. CelebrateOne was created to reduce the infant mortality rate in Columbus and Franklin County. While infant mortality has no boundaries and can affect anyone, it does negatively impact certain zip codes disproportionately. To help reduce the infant mortality rate, CelebrateOne sends out Community Connectors who engage with pregnant moms in their homes, making sure they have the resources they need to have a healthy pregnancy – because if mom is healthy, then baby has a better chance of being born full term, making it to their first birthday, and then going on to thrive in life.

Going door-to-door is just one tool that CelebrateOne uses to fight infant mortality. They realize that broader outreach is sometimes needed to find new pregnant moms who may be in need of assistance. Paraclete Planning was brought on to assist CelebrateOne in planning and executing its special events for the year, including community baby showers and a huge Community 1st Birthday Party Celebration.

These events not only provide mom and dad with diapers and supplies for their babies, there are resource fairs built into theses events that connect them with community partners offering things like healthcare, educational resources, housing support, childcare, and parenting programs. Meals and treats are provided free of charge to families. Raffle prizes are awarded and activities, costume characters and arts and crafts are available for siblings in attendance.

In 2021, we assisted over 500 families with showers on each side of town, a centrally located 1st birthday party, and a special community drive-in movie. In 2022, we will continue to serve families through these unique event touch points throughout the year. The impact of these events brings visibility and awareness to infant mortality, while providing much needed support and service to families in central Ohio.

“It has truly been an honor and pleasure working with Grace this past summer while she coordinated our CelebrateOne events. She paid close attention to details, communication was effective and consistent. She was very thorough with every detail for the events she coordinated. Each event was so well thought out and not to mention beautiful! Our families really enjoyed attending our events and felt loved appreciated when they left. This truly is critical to our mission and goal of serving our families and providing an amazing experience for them.

Grace was easy to work with, even when the pressure and stress erupted; she maintained her peace and remained polished and professional. Executing events sometimes the inevitable happens, something just doesn’t go as planned; she was able to pivot and execute with excellence. Admirable! She was always accessible and responsive to any request we made of her, even last-minute ideas to improve how we served the families in attendance. I cannot express enough my gratitude for Grace and the entire Paraclete Planning team. I’m elated we have the honor of working with her again this coming spring/summer season. She has a calm, yet dynamic soul which makes her the perfect leader to execute any events.” ~ Amber Jones, Senior Manager, Pregnancy and Perinatal Support, CelebrateOne